Dangerous Cargo

Our professional licensing team is responsible for your dangerous cargo packaging, storage and transportation. We can prevent accidents happen and assure the transportation security upon years' executive experience and a reasonable plan. We have international standard procedures for the safe handling dangerous goods and the worldwide agent network which can effectively protect your cargo deliver to various end-users safely and timely. Then it will be a strong support for your goods selling.

For dangerous cargo load by standard IBC, our professional and equipment testing staff would offer technical support for packaging, stowage and hazardous logo; provide strong protection for cargo long time distance with the third-party testing organization.

Regarding shipping non-toxic, harmless, non-corrosiveness liquid, we choose the phialum transportation, it can reduce your cost effectively.
The available product is as follows:

Industrial Products Washing Preparations Printing Ink Transformer Oil Liquid Paraffin Natural Rubber Latex Synthenic Rubber Latex Luaricating Preparations Plasticizer
Food Edible Oil Vegetable Oil Concentrate Fruit Juice Drink Water Alcohol Glucose Animal Fat Cane Sugar
Note: The loading material must be non-toxic, harmless and non-corrosive liquid.

1. Please provide the complete clearance documents and inspection reports because of the dangerous cargo specificity.
2. Please choose rational security protection and carrier according to the transport distance.
3. Professional technical staff can provide the suggestion on safe transportation.
4. Please contact custom service department to get more details.