Warehouse and Distribution

Our warehousing and distribution service can provide top class distribution and transportation solutions, create efficient and flexible supply chain, and deliver goods to each point of the supply chain on a safe, stable, efficient, timely, and accurate basis.

China Global Logistics in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen has its own warehouse.


Shanghai warehouse is located in Waigaoqiao bond area With 15000 square meters, and offers a full range of logistics and value-addon services to support our bonded trucking operation .


Ningbo warehouse is located in the Ningbo Economic and TechnicalDevelopment Zone owning a piece of land of 146 mu(96360sqm) which has been developed into a new dimensional rack storage of warehousewith 25,000 square meters, and with modern design allow for all weather cargo operations.


Shenzhen warehouse is located in the Yantian West Port, with area 13,000 rn' ,a car park covers an area of 3000m', which is the large-scale general transit warehouse.

Our service include

  • Transportation solution design and implementation
  • Warehouse layout design and stock optimization
  • Global and domestic distribution

Featured services

  • Providing various domestic and international transportation services at at any time, including ground transportation, waterway transportation, and air transportation
  • With maximum efficiency and minimum cost, our transportation service can meet the clients' demand to full extend
  • Provide professional transportation service and transportation management, and customs declaration and clearance management
  • Provide professional transportation service and transportation management dedicated for special goods (e.g. dangerous goods, goods requiring controlled temperature and humidity, goods with abnormal volume and weight, fresh goods, and exhibition goods.)
  • Our global distribution and domestic distribution with container consolidation capability
  • Offer professional design for transportation route, vehicles, distribution methods, lead time, and last mile service per clients' demand
  • Providing "Just In Time" service to supplier of large quantities of goods
  • Providing "Milk Run" logistic service to clients with average time requirements
  • Providing rolling production deployment and planned distribution service per clients' demand
  • Providing service of collecting goods from the source of supply as well as value added service at the source of supply per clients' demand
  • Providing service support via operation stations and distribution centers of extensive coverage and reduce the response time and cost of redundant stock
  • Providing comprehensive warehouse management solution and warehouse management system on the basis of clients' strategy
  • Optimizing inventory, monitoring the safety stock and redundant stock, improving supply/demand balance, and reducing the cost
  • Providing reverse stock management per clients' demand
  • Providing value added services such as "package changing" per clients' demand
  • Providing special warehousing solutions per clients' demand