Import Service

China Global Logistics (CGL) can offer high-quality import of services. by virtue of a strong network of overseas agents and excellent inland logistics services

I. agency service content:

  • Import agency includes: import remittance, import licensing and other relevant Services
  • Open letters of credit for import, accept TT, D/P and other methods of Settling accounts
  • Agent and commit processing (with) imported materials and accept customers’ materials for processing manual and other bond services.
  • Agent and commit all kinds of import related official documents, quota and Licenses
  • Commit “3C” certification and “3C” certification free procedures.
  • Accept domestic clients’ appointment to find foreign sellers for clients.

II. All imports and trade-related documents for the importation of agents:

Handle all kinds of Import related certificates

import agency of all kinds of trade modes

import quota,automatic import permit

general trade

Important Industrial products registration licence

Propaganda sample import

Mechanical and electrical products import registration licence

Entering repaire articles and lease trade

Import business inspection certificate

Temporary import and export goods

Imported food inspection and quarantine certificate

Entering and exiting exhibits

Minmetals chamber of commerce record keeping,used

Other import fee and duty-free articles

Mechanical equipment record keeping,other import licence etc.

III.How to appoint our company to import

  • First of all, you need to confirm an import order with your foreign merchant (and domestic user);
  • You need to tell your foreign merchant that we are your import agent, and we sign import agency agreement;
  • You may pay for goods to our company and then appoint our company to remittance (or open letter of credit ) to your foreign merchant;
  • Try to provide foreign import document to our company as early as possible (invoice/packing list/bill of lading/certificate, etc.);
  • After the goods arriving at the port, we start B/O exchange and customs clearance, and you may also use the forwarder appointed by you or by our foreign merchant;
  • Our company will help you to handle any documents that you need for import (including commodity inspection certificate/3c free certificate/ import permit, etc.);
  • We will inform you the voucher and amount of the payable customs duty and tax and VAT, and you need to pay the amount to our company;
  • After the customs releases the goods, we will arrange to deliver the goods to you or guide you to pick up the goods;

After the completion of the business, our company will list out all the expenses and close an account according to the actual expenses that